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We develop AI-powered web services and platforms, automating business processes, integrating advanced digital marketing strategies, and ensuring robust cybersecurity for enterprises.

The Story and Mission of

IT Company

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Foundation and Mission:, founded by Roman Yakutsin, Sergey Ivanov, and Haruto Minakoto, embarked on its journey as an ambitious startup with a dream of revolutionizing the world of information technology. Our mission is to harness the power of artificial intelligence to create innovative solutions that automate and simplify business processes, aiding companies in enhancing efficiency and competitiveness.

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Development and Innovation:

The company quickly stood out in the market due to its unique approach to AI technology development. Particularly notable was their platform for automating marketing technologies, which has been recognized for its ability to predict market trends and optimize advertising campaigns.

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Ethical Principles and Public Benefit: is not just striving for commercial success but is also actively working to ensure the ethical use of AI. They implement strict data protocols to protect personal information and actively collaborate with educational institutions to promote digital literacy.

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Global Recognition and Future:

Receiving an award at the "Doha Digital Excellence Awards" ceremony affirmed their status as a leading innovator in the world of AI. With growing interest in their products and technologies, is on the brink of a new era where their products and ideas will shape the future of information technology.

Our Services

We create, integrate, and innovate with mobile applications to improve business process efficiency.

MVP development - creating a prototype at a fixed price to test the idea and demand.

E-commerce - creating an online store with a full-fledged system for processing customer orders.

We develop web services that automate business processes built on modern technologies and frameworks, ensuring their cybersecurity.


Development of unique CRM systems tailored to your needs, which will help increase your sales and profit.

Business Strategy

Our company specializes in layout, design, and programming of automation systems, websites, and applications. We create advanced CRM systems, online stores, and other websites and platforms, ensuring their cybersecurity.

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We consult and offer ideas, not just execute tasks.

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Our employees are experts in the field of custom software development.

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We are ready to tackle information tasks of any complexity and scale.

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Our international collaboration model is confirmed by decades of successful work.

Our Achievements in AI:


Business Process Optimization,

AI Marketing

Discover a world where advanced AI technologies are transforming cybersecurity, business processes, and digital marketing. Explore our innovative achievements, internationally recognized, placing us at the forefront of technological evolution.

Our expertise in cybersecurity using artificial intelligence has established us as a global leader. We provide a comprehensive systemic solution for protecting organizations and the informational assets of companies, making us in demand worldwide.

International Award: "Global AI Security Innovator" for outstanding achievements in cybersecurity.


We specialize in creating innovative solutions with AI that automate and simplify business processes. This helps companies increase their efficiency and competitiveness, transforming traditional processes into more convenient digital formats.

International Award: "AI Business Process Optimization Pioneer" for revolutionary developments in business process automation.


Our AI technology platform for automating marketing technologies is recognized for its ability to predict market trends and optimize advertising campaigns. We are leaders in creating and using advanced methods in digital marketing, public relations, and reputation management.International Award: "Digital Marketing AI Innovation Leader" for breakthrough achievements in AI marketing.

Implemented Projects We Are Proud Of

The Infographic shows the annual dynamics of projects, fully and completely implemented by our team, the introduction of which led to significant growth, improved efficiency, and process optimization in our partners' companies. These projects directly influenced an increase in their profitability.

Message From Our Leader

Dear friends, partners, and innovators,

As the founder of, I take pride in the fact that our team invests their knowledge, passion, and creativity every day in creating something exceptional. Our company began its journey with an ambitious dream, and today we are bringing it to life by developing technologies that truly change the world.

At, we have united with one goal – to create smart, safe, and efficient technological solutions that have the power to improve our world for the better. Our mission goes beyond simply developing products; we strive to create innovations that make a real contribution to society and industry.

We are proud that our developments in the field of artificial intelligence not only enhance the efficiency of business processes but also contribute to the protection of personal information, ensuring ethical and responsible use of data.

Our path to innovation is not just about technological progress; it is a journey towards a more conscious and sustainable future for all of us. Together with you, our dear friends and partners, we will continue to explore new horizons and bring to life ideas that have the power to change the world.

With gratitude and respect,

Roman Yakutsin, Co-Founder of

Circuit Technology

Roman Yakutsin, CEO & Co-founder

Contact Information

+375 44 762 9999

135 Pobediteley St., Minsk, Belarus